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Melanie Salvesen - Testimonial

Being a 63-year-old female, normally very active, and recovering from a fractured tibia requiring surgical intervention I was in sad shape and 25 pounds over my desired weight. I was feeling flabby, soft. I was getting discouraged trying to get back into shape and losing much weight on my own. Although I do use a great application for recording my dietary intake, I WAS STUCK! 

I had met Rebekah at my gym and gladly discovered she had what I needed in the form of a personal trainer. I enlisted her services to help me tone up, gain strength and lose that 25 pounds. Being an athlete herself, she understood my situation, and has been a wonderful motivator.

During the initial evaluation Rebekah listened to all of my concerns, she asked about my health, diet, previous training and goals. Listening to what I was willing to commit to; how many days I would work out, where I wanted to work out, things that cause pain, and how often to meet with her. I received sheets indicating what I was to do, pointers and tips on how to perform exercises accurately, and at my weekly sessions she re-evaluated my progress and provided “up grades” to my program.

After 4 months, and heading off for a month away on vacation, I had lost 20 pounds, fitting into all my “skinny” clothes with room to spare, feeling firm and toned, energetic, sleeping better, with a good handle on my appropriate intake to loose that additional 5 pounds. Rebekah sent me on my way with a Maintenance Program and a challenge to keep me on track. (which I was successful by performing my exercises, not gaining more than 2 pounds and changing the way I eat and think of food) 

I am so grateful for her professionalism, kindness, firmness, encouragement, knowledge,  positive attitude and cheerfulness while working with me to make my goals a reality. I feel confident that I can use what she gave me to continue with my program and stay on track. She has been a true blessing.

- Melanie Salvesen